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EAGLE Library Structure

File details

File name:Altera-EP3C25-Q240-IO131-CTRL_S.lbr
Uploaded by:Guenter
Remarks:This library is a part of the archive file altera-ep3c25-q240-io131-ctrl_s.zip
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Library description

This file has no description inside.
Below description of the library from CadSoft webpage:

Altera-EP3C25-Q240-IO131-CTRL_S with redesigned view of control signal connections with attached sample schematic. Single pins for control signals for moving them to the desired destination.

List of devices

Name & variantsSymbolPackage
EP3C25-Q240-IO131 EPF10K30

FLEX 10K family



PreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreview Preview

List of symbols

/CE Preview
/CONFIG Preview
/RESET Preview
/STATUS Preview
CLK Preview
CLK0 Preview
CLK1 Preview
CLK10 Preview
CLK11 Preview
CLK12 Preview
CLK13 Preview
CLK14 Preview
CLK15 Preview
CLK2 Preview
CLK3 Preview
CLK4 Preview
CLK5 Preview
CLK6 Preview
CLK7 Preview
CLK8 Preview
CLK9 Preview
CLK_0-15 Preview
CTRL Preview
DATA0 Preview
DCLK Preview
EP3C25_CTRL Preview
EP3C25_VCC-A Preview
GNDA Preview
GNDINT Preview
INFO-BUS Preview
IO_1-131 Preview
JTAG-IN Preview
JTAG-OUT Preview
MSEL Preview
MSEL0 Preview
MSEL1 Preview
MSEL2 Preview
TCK Preview
TDI Preview
TDO Preview
TMS Preview
USAGE Preview
VCCA Preview
VCCD Preview
VCCINT Preview
VCC_IO Preview

List of packages

PQFP240 Preview Plastic Quad Flat Pack
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