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EAGLE Search Engine has been improved. Now preview of devices is displayed directly in the results page. Search results are more precise and you can search devices by typing the full name, e.g. PIC32MX320F064H, 74HC00N, ISP1032LT.


DIY Modules Eagle Library version 1.3.0 has been released. Some devices added. New direct links to ebay.com which give a possibility to quickly buy devices contained in the Library.


Version 1.2.0 of DIY Modules Eagle Library has been released. A few new devices was added to the Library. Now the library contains more external links to detailed descriptions of modules.

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EAGLE Library Object

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File name:srg.lbr
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Object details

Description:TLE4476D Voltage Regulator
Input: up to 42 V Output 1: 3.3 V, 350 mA Output 2: 5.0 V, 430 mA Date Sheet: bit.ly/19cAiue
Digikey TLE4476DCT-ND
Functional Description
The TLE 4476 is a monolithic integrated volt age regulator providing two output voltages, Q1 is a 3.3 V output for loads up to 350 mA and Q2 is a 5 V output providing 430 mA. The device is available in the PG-TO252-5-11 (D-Pak) package. Output 2 can be switched ON/OFF via the Enable input EN. The TLE 4476 is designed to supply microprocessor systems under the severe conditions of automotive applications and is therefore equipped with additional protection functions against overload, short circuit and overtemperature.




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