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File name:power_integrations.lbr
Uploaded by:hazet
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Object details

Description:SENZero is a compact low cost solution to eliminate losses in resistive signal paths connected between high-voltage rails and switching power supply controller(s). Examples include feedforward or feedback signal paths connected to boost controllers in power factor corrected systems and feedforward signal paths in two switch forward / LLC / half and full bridge converters. The device is available in 2 (SEN012) and 3 (SEN013) channel versions according to the application’s requirements. The internal gate drive and protection circuitry provides gate drive signals to the internal 650 V MOSFETs in response to the voltage applied to the VCC pin. This simple configuration provides easy integration into existing systems by using the system VCC rail as an input to the SENZero. The SENZero family uses a low cost compact SO-8 package to reduce PCB area while the




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