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File name:m-pad-2.1.lbr
Uploaded by:Juergen Messerer
Remarks:This library is a part of the archive file m-pad-2.1.zip
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Object details

Description:Analog Devices AD725 Low Cost RGB to NTSC/PAL Encoder with Luma Trap Port


The AD725 is a very low cost general purpose RGB to NTSC/ PAL encoder that converts red, green and blue color component
signals into their corresponding luminance (baseband amplitude) and chrominance (subcarrier amplitude and phase)
signals in accordance with either NTSC or PAL standards. These two outputs are also combined on-chip to provide a
composite video output. All three outputs are available separately at voltages of twice the standard signal levels as required
for driving 75 Ohm, reverse-terminated cables.
The AD725 features a luminance trap (YTRAP) pin that provides a means of reducing cross color generated by subcarrier
frequency components found in the luminance signal. For portable or other power-sensitive applications, the device can be
powered down to less than 1 uA of current consumption. All logic levels are TTL compatible thus supporting the logic requirements
of 3 V CMOS systems. The AD725 is packaged in a low cost 16-lead SOIC and operates from a +5 V supply.

Features: Composite Video Output: Both NTSC and PAL Chrominance and Luminance (S-Video) Outputs Luma Trap Port to Eliminate Cross Color Artifacts TTL Logic Levels Integrated Delay Line and Auto-Tuned Filters Drives 75 Ohm Reverse-Terminated Loads Low Power +5 V Operation Power-Down to less then 1 uA Very Low Cost Applications: RGB/VGA to NTSC/PAL Encoding Personal Computers/Network Computers Video Games Video Conference Cameras Digital Still Cameras
Please send any comments to: messi@users.sourceforge.net




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