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File name:m-pad-2.1.lbr
Uploaded by:Juergen Messerer
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Object details

Description:ATMEL's ATmega406 8bit AVR Microcontroller with 40KB In-System Programmable Flash

Summary :
Previous implementations of intelligent battery protection have typically required at least two
chips to perform the various tasks required which include: voltage regulation, battery monitoring,
battery protection, charge management, and communication with the host application. Often a
third chip has been required to store parameters specific to the particular battery. Battery packs
must shrink in size along with the other components of battery-powered applications. However,
when accelerating this shrink, a 3-chip solution obviously creates a PCB space problem.
The ATmega406 meets all the application's demands, reducing space, design complexity, and
ultimately cost. It includes an AVR® microcontroller with dedicated analog to digital converters
tailored for battery fuel gauging and voltage monitoring. Also included are stand-alone high
voltage battery protection circuitry, a voltage regulator capable of running the chip on a supply
varying from 4 to 25 Volts, integrated cell balancing FETs, and special high voltage I/O capable of
controlling charge and discharge. Advanced analog design provides the ATmega406 with
unmatched on-chip voltage reference accuracy, resulting in the first single-chip smart battery
implementation on the market for 2 - 4 Li-ion cells. With 40 KB of self-programmable Flash
program memory, the ATmega406 is capable of in-field firmware upgrades without the need for
external programming hardware. Battery parameters can be stored in the internal 2 KB EEPROM.
This mix of features makes the ATmega406 AVR capable of implementing a full PC battery pack.

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