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File name:m-pad-2.1.lbr
Uploaded by:Juergen Messerer
Remarks:This library is a part of the archive file m-pad-2.1.zip
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Object details

Description:Fairchild Semiconductors BSS138 N-Channel Logic Level Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor

General Description:
These N-Channel enhancement mode field effect transistors are produced using Fairchild's proprietary,
high cell density, DMOS technology. These products have been designed to minimize on-state resistance
while provide rugged, reliable, and fast switching performance.These products are particularly suited for
low voltage, low current applications such as small servo motor control, power MOSFET gate drivers, and
other switching applications.

Features: 0.22 A, 50 V. RDS(ON) = 3.5Ohm @ VGS = 10 V RDS(ON) = 6.0Ohm @ VGS = 4.5 V High density cell design for extremely low RDS(ON) Rugged and Reliable Compact industry standard SOT-23 surface mount package
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