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File name:m-pad-2.1.lbr
Uploaded by:Juergen Messerer
Remarks:This library is a part of the archive file m-pad-2.1.zip
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Object details

Description:InvenSense's IDG-300 Integrated Dual-Axis Gyro


The IDG-300 is an integrated dual-axis angular rate sensor (gyroscope). It uses InvenSense?s proprietary and
patented MEMS technology with vertically driven, vibrating masses to make a functionally complete, lowcost,
dual-axis angular rate sensor. All required electronics are integrated onto a single chip with the
The IDG-300 gyro uses two sensor elements with novel vibrating dual-mass bulk silicon configurations that sense
the rate of rotation about the X- and Y-axis (in-plane sensing). This results in a unique, integrated dual-axis
gyro with guaranteed-by-design vibration rejection and high cross-axis isolation. It is specifically designed for
demanding consumer applications requiring low cost, small size and high performance.
The IDG-300 gyro includes integrated electronics necessary for application-ready functionality. It
incorporates X- and Y-axis low-pass filters and an EEPROM for on-chip factory calibration of the sensor.
Factory trimmed scale factors eliminate the need for external active components and end-user calibration.
This product is lead-free and Green Compliant.

Features: Integrated X- and Y-axis gyro on a single chip Factory trimmed full scale range of ±500°/sec Integrated low-pass filters Superior vibration rejection over a wide frequency range High cross-axis isolation by design 3V single supply operation 5000 g shock tolerance RoHS compliant (completely lead free) 6 x 6 x 1.5mm QFN package
Applications: Inertial measurement units (IMUs) Handheld GPS navigation devices Radio controlled helicopters Toys and game consoles Robotic and power tools Antenna positioning Remote control
Please send any comments to: messi@users.sourceforge.net




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