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File name:m-pad-2.1.lbr
Uploaded by:Juergen Messerer
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Object details

Description:Intel® PXA270 Processor

PXA270 with PBGA package 23x23

Features: High-performance processor:
-Intel XScale® microarchitecture with Intel® Wireless MMX? Technology
-7 Stage pipeline
-32 KB instruction cache
-32 KB data cache
-2 KB "mini" data cache
-Extensive data buffering
256 Kbytes of internal SRAM for high speed code or data storage preserved during low-power states High-speed baseband processor interface (Mobile Scalable Link) Rich serial peripheral set:
-AC?97 audio port
-I2S audio port
-USB Client controller
-USB Host controller
-USB On-The-Go controller
-Three high-speed UARTs (two with hardware flow control)
-FIR and SIR infrared communications port
Hardware debug features ? IEEE JTAG interface with boundary scan Hardware performance-monitoring features with on-chip trace buffer Real-time clock Operating-system timers LCD Controller Universal Subscriber Identity Module interface Low power:
-Wireless Intel Speedstep® Technology
-Less than 500 mW typical internal dissipation
-Supply voltage may be reduced to 0.85 V
-Four low-power modes
-Dynamic voltage and frequencymanagement
High-performance memory controller:
-Four banks of SDRAM: up to 104 MHz @ 2.5V, 3.0V, and 3.3V I/O interface
-Six static chip selects
-Support for PCMCIA and Compact Flash
-Companion chip interface
Flexible clocking:
-CPU clock from 104 to 624 MHz
-Flexible memory clock ratios
-Frequency changes
-Functional clock gating
Additional peripherals for system connectivity:
-SD Card / MMC Controller (with SPI mode support)
-Memory Stick card controller
-Three SSP controllers
-Two I2C controllers
-Four pulse-width modulators (PWMs)
-Keypad interface with both direct and matrix keys support
-Most peripheral pins double as GPIOs


The Intel® PXA270 processor (PXA270 processor) provides industry-leading multimedia
performance, low-power capabilities, rich peripheral integration and second generation memory
stacking. Designed from the ground up for wireless clients, it incorporates the latest Intel advances
in mobile technology over its predecessor, the Intel® PXA255 processor. These same attributes
and features also make the PXA270 processor ideal for embedded applications. The PXA270
processor redefines scalability by operating from 104 MHz up to 624 MHz, providing enough
performance for the most demanding mobile applications.

The PXA270 processor is the first Intel processor to include Intel® Wireless MMX? technology,
enabling high-performance, low-power multimedia acceleration with a general-purpose instruction
set. Intel® Quick Capture technology provides a flexible and powerful camera interface for
capturing digital images and video. While performance is key in the PXA270 processor, power
consumption is also a critical component. The new capabilities of Wireless Intel SpeedStep®
technology set the standard for low-power consumption.

The PXA270 processor is offered in two packages: 13x13 mm VFBGA and 23x23 mm PBGA.

Please send any comments to: messi@users.sourceforge.net




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