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File name:trinamic-2.lbr
Uploaded by:Patrick Vogl
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Object details

Description:TRINAMIC 3-axis incremental encoder interface with position scaling

Information given in this library is believed to be accurate and reliable. However no warranty is given for its correctness.

Datasheet for TMC424 Description3-axis incremental encoder interface with position scaling

The TMC424 is a triple incremental encoder input chip, which interfaces to any SPI compatible controller. The TMC424 can especially be used in conjunction with the TMC428 triple stepper motor controller to provide position verification or stabilization using some additional software. It integrates 24 bit counters for each encoder to provide a high position resolution without CPU interaction. Further it allows dynamic resolution adaptation to allow direct comparison of encoder counters with motors using different micro step resolution. All encoder counters can be latched synchronously, or whenever a null channel event occurs, providing a position on strobe holding function. The TMC424 also provides a step / direction output with programmable signal shaping for the TMC428 as an optional function as well as a multiplexer function for the reference switch inputs. The TMC424 the direct successor of the discontinued TMC423.

SpecificationsApplicationsStepper Motor Position Verification Position Maintenance Incremental Encoder Interface Readout Step / Direction conversion for TMC428 systems FeaturesSupports 2 and 3 channel incremental encoders with a wide range of resolutions Allows step / direction signal extraction from TMC428 output data stream Programmable pulse shaping for step / direction interface 24 bit integrated position resolution Programmable prescaler for Incremental Encoder Interface 4-times evaluation of encoder signals Fast 32 bit SPI interface Can share SPI interface with TMC428 and supplies separate interrupt output Integrates Reference Switch Multiplexors Package: TQ100

Note: SPI is Trademark of Motorola, Inc




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