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EAGLE Library Object

File details

File name:1wire.lbr
Uploaded by:Jan Kandziora
Download options:Download original file
from DIYmodules.org
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Object details

Description:Temperature Datalogger with 8KB Datalog Memory

This chip combines the core functions of a fully featured datalogger in a single chip. It includes a temperature sensor, realtime clock (RTC), memory, Onewire interface, and SPI interface for connection of an analog-to-digital converter (ADC), as well as control circuitry for a charge pump.The ADC and the charge pump are peripherals that can be added to build application-specific dataloggers. A total of 8192 byte or 4096 word precision readings taken at equidistant intervals ranging from 1s to 273 hrs can be stored automatically.

Notes: The datalogger has both a free-run and an operate-until-full mode, which can be selected by software. A 2.8..5V (battery powered) Vdd has to be applied, as all the circuit but the Onewire part of the chip is operated from that supply. This chip is designed to operate together with an MAX1086..1089 A/D converter and a MAX619 chargepump regulator. See the datasheet for details. The TEST_SPLY and TEST_RX pin must be connected to GND, the TEST_CG pin must be left unconnected for normal operation. Author: Orginal device and description from Giovanni Varasano <giovanni.varasano@fastwebnet.it>
Improved by Jan Kandziora <jjj@gmx.de>




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