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EAGLE Library Object

File details

File name:1wire.lbr
Uploaded by:Jan Kandziora
Download options:Download original file
from DIYmodules.org
( 44.5 KiB )
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( 101.0 KiB )

Object details

Description:Battery ID/Monitor

This is an A/D converter, temperature sensor, EEPROM, SRAM, and a 16-Bit add-only counter in one chip. One may mount it directly into the battery pack to monitor temperature and voltage of.

Notes: The EEPROM data in memory page 0 (24 Bytes) is intended for battery descriptions and may be write protected after the first write. This write lock is not mandatory and can be disabled later. The SRAM in memory page 2 (8 Bytes) is intended for storing additional status information about the battery. Please note its contents is probably lost on empty battery or on an unintentional short circuit of the battery. There is an additional 8-Byte EEPROM in memory page 1, which can be used to log additional battery status information over power cycles. The DS2438 is a similar chip with even more features. Author: Jan Kandziora <jjj@gmx.de>




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