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EAGLE Library Structure

File details

File name:con IEC60603-2 large contact number.lbr
Uploaded by:kylie
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Library description

additional connectors to IEC60603-2: large pin numbers (manufacturer ERNI)
IEC 61076-4-113 VME64x (harbus64) connectors (manufacturer Harting)

also known as VG connectors, DIN 41612 connectors

based on the original library con-vg.lbr (created by librarian@cadsoft.de )

This library is rearanged by kylie because elimination of package doubles (same layout, but different names) unification/renaming of symbols, packages in case of multiple pads in devices with one pin in symbol : update to APPEND-mode update to current manufacturer's product range divide the library for better handling; this part contains connectors with large pin numbers (128 and 160) and its inverse type range The author do not warrant that this library is free from error or will meet your specific requirements.


11.2019: library generation

This library based on the product range of manufacturers: Harting ept ERNI
Some notes for usage:

Not every manufacturer supplies the complete range of this library.

The standard range of the IEC 60603-2/IEC 61076-4-113 connectors consists of female vertical (top entry, usually mounted on backplane) and male horizontal (side entry, usually mounted at a PCB's edge) types. Additionally, there are some inverse types avialable. This allows to connect two in-plane or parallel PCBs. In these cases, however, the pin numbering of an inverse connector don't correspond to its normal counterpart: pins a1, a2, ... of reverse connector matches the pins a32, a31, ... of the normal counterpart. To prevent confusion/mismatched pins in schematic design, the library contains reverse numbered packages for inverse connectors additionally.

List of devices