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EAGLE Library Structure

File details

File name:lib-te0720-eagle.lbr
Uploaded by:TrenzElectronic
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Library description

This file has no description inside.
Below description of the library from CadSoft webpage:

Trenz Electronic TE0720s are industrial-grade SoC modules integrating a Xilinx Zynq Z020 SoC, a gigabit Ethernet transceiver (physical layer), 8 Gbit (1 Gbyte) DDR3 SDRAM with 32-bit width, 32 Mbyte Flash memory for configuration and operation, and powerful switch-mode power supplies for all on-board voltages. A large number of configurable I/Os is provided via rugged high-speed stacking strips.

List of devices

Name & variantsSymbolPackage
TE0720 TE0720 datasheets LSHM Connector
TE0720 Trenz archive

designed by: steffen.mauch (at) gmail.com
copyright (c) 2013



PreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreview Preview

List of symbols

TE0720-J1 Preview
TE0720-J2 Preview
TE0720-J5 Preview
TE0720-JTAG Preview
TE0720-MIO Preview
TE0720-PHY Preview
TE0720-PWR Preview

List of packages

TE07XX-01 Preview PCB Matrix Packages Pins are already swapped, so everything is fine! see Carrier Board Checklist
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