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EAGLE Library Structure

File details

File name:i.mx28_.lbr
Uploaded by:Jeff Katz
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Library description

This file has no description inside.
Below description of the library from CadSoft webpage:

BGA289 Footprint for Freescale i.MX28 series Microcontrollers. Uploaded by Jeff Katz from Brivo Systems, LLC

List of devices

Name & variantsSymbolPackage

The i.MX286 has all the advantages of the low power, high-performance i.MX283 with an extra level of connectivity features by offering dual CAN support. The i.MX286 is suitable for a wide range of applications such as Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) for Appliances, Building Contol, Factory Automation, Printers, Security Panels and factory robotics displays. Get started today building the next great portable product based on the i.MX286.

Key Features: 454MHz ARM926EJ-S core with 16KB/32KB Cache PMU with high efficiency on-chip DC/DC, supports Li-Ion batteries 10/100 IEEE® 1588 Ethernet with RMII support Dual CAN interfaces LCD Controller with Touchscreen NAND support ? SLC/MLC and eMMC 4.4 managed Hardware BCH (up to 20-bit correction) 200 MHz 16-bit DDR2, LV-DDR2, mDDR external memory support Dual High speed USB with embedded PHY 8 General purpose 12-bit ADC channels and single 2 Msps ADC channel Temperature sensor for thermal protection Multiple connectivity ports (UARTs, SSP, SDIO, SPI, I2C, I2S) 3.3V I/O, 10 year lifetime (Industrial) Package and Temperature 289 BGA 14x1 4mm .8 mm -20 °C to +70 °C (Consumer) -40 °C to +85 °C (Industrial) Applications: Human-machine interface (HMI) panels: industrial, home Industrial drive, PLC, I/O control display, factory robotics display, graphical remote controls Handheld scanners and printers Patient-monitoring, portable medical devices Smart energy meters, energy gateways Media phones, media gateways



PreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreviewPreview Preview

List of symbols

IMX28_ADCUSB Preview
IMX28_EMI Preview
IMX28_GPMI Preview
IMX28_LCD Preview
IMX28_NET Preview
IMX28_PMU Preview
IMX28_POWER Preview
IMX28_SSP Preview
IMX28_UART Preview

List of packages

BGA289 Preview
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