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File name:_hhn_Pololu.lbr
Uploaded by:ingrb
Remarks:This library is a part of the archive file hhn_pololu_r530.zip
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Object details

Description:POLOLU VNH3SP30 MD01B Motor Driver Carrier Board

Without Current Sense Output

DEVICE VERSIONS [none]: plated auxilary OUTA connections * -U : non-plated auxilary OUTA connections -X : no symbol-pins for OUTx, BYPASS, VMOT, GND2 (drawing elements only) SOURCE www.pololu.com/ SPECS Operatingg voltage VMOT 5.5 .. 16 V Logic Voltage VIO 5 V typ. MOSFET on-resistance (per leg): 34 mOhm max. Max PWM frequency 10 kHz Current sense n/a Over-voltage shutoff 36 V min. / 43 V typ. Logic input high threshold 3.25 V min. Time to overheat at 20 A 8 s Time to overheat at 15 A 30 s Current for infinite run time 9 A

Author: Dipl.-Ing. FH Rainer Bayer




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