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EAGLE Library Object

File details

File name:cmedia.lbr
Uploaded by:alditechnology
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Object details

Description:CM6300 is a highly integrated single chip for USB stereo speakers and headphone set application. With less external components, it can be used for building an USB speaker or headphone set solution easily. CM6300 needn’t any proprietary driver for audio playback or recording and all of audio functions are supported by major OS. As well as CM6300 provides a truly plug-and-play features for external digital audio playback. CM6300 contains embedded 2ch output with DRC managements. The Dynamic Range Control function can support high efficiency volume output and implement loudness sound effect, which is similar D class amplifier capabili ty. Moreover, CM6300 supports USB standard HID Interface which provide Vol_up / Vol_dn / Play_mute Butoms and 3 LED indicator pins: On / Off / Operation / playback mute / recording mute / and controllable flash time (with PWM Functions). Library by Dimitri Albino - ALDI Technology www.alditechnology.com




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