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EAGLE Search Engine has been improved. Now preview of devices is displayed directly in the results page. Search results are more precise and you can search devices by typing the full name, e.g. PIC32MX320F064H, 74HC00N, ISP1032LT.


DIY Modules Eagle Library version 1.3.0 has been released. Some devices added. New direct links to ebay.com which give a possibility to quickly buy devices contained in the Library.


Version 1.2.0 of DIY Modules Eagle Library has been released. A few new devices was added to the Library. Now the library contains more external links to detailed descriptions of modules.


Next version of DIY Modules Eagle Library has been released. In the latest release you can find some new modules and photos.


Yesterday DIYmodules website was moved to a new web hosting service provider.
I hope that was a good change.
Now all features should work fast and reliaby.


Many new features added to the EAGLE libraries browser. Try it out.


New on-line tool available.
Try out Search Engine for EAGLE Libraries.


Added DIYmodules Library Usage Map, which shows where in the world our Library was used.


Some bugs fixed in the newest version of DIY Modules EAGLE Library.
Click here to check it out.


New useful on-line tool for users of EAGLE PCB Design Software is now available.
Click here to see our World of EAGLE Libraries project.


We've added a few useful links to the description of DIY Modules EAGLE Library.
Now you can directly go to proven seller of modules and buy items, or just watch them. Click here to check it out.


First version of DIY Modules EAGLE Library has been released. Click here to see project page.


We are in the network! Our site has been open.

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